Thursday, July 5, 2007

Line of Duty Death - Maine

It has been quiet on the blog this week. I've been in vacation mode. I'll begin posting again with some sad news.

Allan Parsons, a paramedic with MedCare ambulance, was killed this morning in a motor vehicle collision. Allan was in the passenger compartment and was pronounced at the scene.

The driver of the ambulance, Arlene Greenleaf, remains in ICU after surgery. Arlene is 68 and has had a long and strong presence in EMS. Even after receiving a lifetime achievement award she remained in the business. Arlene was driving at 3:00 am when many people with as much seniority have retired and almost all are asleep.

The patient in the back of the ambulance and the driver of the truck that collided with the ambulance are also in serious condition as of this writing.

Maine is a large state with a small EMS community. This loss has been acutely felt throughout this community.

Each year about 20 or 30 EMS providers lose their lives in the line of duty. Please take a moment to reflect or pray for the providers in this horrible crash. And be careful out there.

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medfire said...

Truly a tragedy.

Full LODD services this Thursday, the 12th. A very large EMS contingent expected to attend.

Many questions raised by this crash. Code 2 or 3? Restraint systems for attendants? Patient survived because of shoulder harness use?

I pray for the families....and the drunk....