Thursday, July 5, 2007

Catching up

While taking some time off over the 4th of July I had this feeling I was forgetting something. The blog. Frequent posts grow a blog. Comments make a blog better (hint, hint). So, catching up with the world of EMS: reports another defibrillator save. This time by an ED physician at a church with a defibrillator.

In London, two car bombs were found--fortunately before they detonated. The second bomb is believed to have been planned as a secondary attack to injure rescue personnel and police. The story, if by chance you haven't seen it. Here is the medic's account from the BBC. Be careful out there.

Last weekend I put on my photojournalist hat and shot the protest in Kennebunkport. Three presidents (41, 43, Putin) and 2,000 protesters made for quite a day. There were even counter-protesters. It is always interesting.

You can also see an audio slideshow I produced.

Thats it for catching up. Until next time.

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WyoSkiBum said...

I can see the TV Commercial:

AED's - so easy even a Doctor can use it!