Friday, July 13, 2007

David versus Goliath

When I was a police officer there was a noteworthy homicide trial. The top prosecutor went up against a poor, minority defendant who acted in his own defense. The prosecutor lost. Not because of anything he did, it was because the jury felt sorry for the defendant. A classic David vs. Goliath scenario.

David vs. Goliath is a classic story--only now it seems to involve Bryan Bledsoe and NAEMSE. And Bryan Bledsoe is no ordinary David.

Previous posts on this blog have discussed the NAEMSE/Bledsoe situation. It continues. I received the following email from Bryan last night:

To all:

I have received a letter from the NAEMSE attorney in regard to this email I sent in anger. Thus, I must respond:

1. I am not involved in planning or developing another EMS organization nor have I been although it has been suggested by others. I will remain a member of NAEMSE for now.

2. The former NAEMSE webmaster who contacted me and offered material about elections and defamatory emails about me evidently came about these illegally and thus I must retract the statement that an affidavit would be submitted.

3. I would not compromise any contractual relationships between anybody and NAEMSE. First, I do not have that power and do not have that interest. The NAEMSE attorney has accused me of that but has not submitted any evidence to that effect. I have not contacted any vendors or sponsors, never intended to, and have no plans to.

I have attached a copy of the attorney letter if anybody is interested. I will attend the NAEMSE meeting in Hollywood to staff the Brady booth and attend meetings. I will evaluate my need to attend future NAEMSE meetings on a case by case basis. This will end anything I will say in writing or orally about NAEMSE henceforth.


Bryan Bledsoe

The email also contained a copy of the letter from NAEMSE's attorney, Pantelis T. Papazekos. Click on the letter to read it.

Disclosure time. I know Bryan Bledsoe. I write for the same publisher. I also realize that by posting this letter I am potentially furthering Bryan's stand.

So what. I think NAEMSE flubbed this one. They threw gasoline on the fire rather than letting it smolder out. They could have taken a high ground. Weathered the storm. Stood on their good intentions. Instead they moved themselves into a defensive position. And it isn't becoming.

More and more people are questioning the intentions of the organization. Why are my dues paying $400/hour to consult attorneys and write letters when NAEMSE should be concentrating on fixing what is broken?

I believe there are many people telling NAEMSE what is broken. Is NAEMSE listening? I guess I'll find out if I get a letter from Pantelis T. Papazekos.

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