Thursday, July 26, 2007

Five articles you should read today...

I peruse the Internet for interesting EMS stories. Here are five I think you should read:

Another opinion on the AMR strike in New England.

Hospice cat predicts patient deaths with amazing accuracy.

The St. Petersburg Florida Times calls death a tragedy. A man codes at a VA hospital but is transported to another hospital 10 minutes away. Tampa Bay Online posted a follow-up

This article is about an EMS conference in India. While you check out this article see if an ad for dating in India comes up on the page. It is a fascinating cultural perspective. It doesn't say "man seeking woman." You look for a "bride" or a "groom." If you go in to the site looking for women you will see that many of the personals were written by the girl's parents--not her.

Some days people really do appreciate what we do.

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