Monday, July 9, 2007

Active Shooter Training

I still do a bit of police work. Having done it so long it gets in your blood and stays there. Like bacteria.

Seriously, I attended a training session focused on how to respond to a call for an active shooter (e.g. Virginia Tech). I find it amazing how philosophies have come full circle over the years.

Long ago, old-time cops just went in and handled whatever came along. Then tactical teams were developed. First arriving officers secured a perimeter and waited for the team. Guess what? We're back to the first officers taking action.

While I am prohibited from talking specific details, the newest thinking is when the first arriving officers hear gunfire, they form a team and combine some tactical training with the need for immediate action to save lives and go in.

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AgandAu said...

It's too bad these events are becomming more common and we need to rethink the response. Sadly we have gained alot of experience.