Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Will Samantha stay in EMS?

In my post about "roving professionals" I mentioned one of my students, Samantha Massey. I was at my state EMS Education Committee meeting today talking with Samantha's training coordinator. I mentioned the initial blog post.

Our conversation led to whether Samantha would stay in EMS when she completes nursing school. Why would she? She can almost double her pay, work in a variety of special units and get a sign-on bonus to start. Not to mention the ability to grow into supervisory and management positions more easily than in EMS.

One reason to stay is the fact she has been involved as a community EMS member for some time. But how much else is there to keep people rooted in EMS?

We loose a lot of good people in EMS. I am going to track Samantha down and ask her to comment on this.

Stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,
Yes, its me..And i am honored that you would be this curious to pose this question on your blogspot. The answer is YES, I will be staying in EMS. It may not be as full time right now, but I will still be the per diem you see on various rosters throughout the state. School is by the way, HARD! I was told this, but until you go through it, you just can not make the connection. I hope all is well and I will keep you updated...Thanks again,Samantha