Friday, June 1, 2007

Classroom safety

I was working with our facilities maintenance person about getting defibrillators installed at the college. The facilities guy is very nice, extremely dedicated and has an attention to detail (and attention span) that can't even be imagined by the average EMS provider.

After finishing the defibrillator conversation he was telling me how much he had to do this summer. Many of our classrooms can only be locked from the outside with a key (they don't have a lock button on the inside of the handle). In the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings all classrooms now will have doors that lock from the inside. We will also have shades on every classroom door with a window.

I am sure we aren't the only school thinking about this. Undoubtedly most are. Maybe this will change some of our marketing:

"Quality education. Ballistic protection."

or signs entering the campus:

"This campus has gone 127 days without a lost-time shooting."

Sad the way things happen. Any other campus prevention strategies or training going on out there?