Saturday, June 9, 2007

Conversation anyone?

This blog has been in existence for about 6 weeks. I have made 24--now 25--posts. Since May 21st (about three weeks) there have been 205 visitors to this site from around the world. These visitors have looked at 379 pages and spent an average of 2:29 minutes on the site. I know this because I put a cool tool called Google Analytics on the site. This can tell me what city people view from, what they look at and how long they stay on the site. And it is free.


The purpose of this site is to talk about EMS. News, opinions, insights, practice, learning and education. The good, the bad and the ugly in the world of EMS.

At this point I ask you, in addition to reading my posts, to please post a comment. I can't believe that no one has had a thought about news I have found or thoughts I have written. I am actually quite good at controversy (stay tuned for more of this)...although some may even agree with things I have written.

The measure of a blog is not only that it is looked at, but that people interact and comment.

Thanks for coming by (again). Now hit that "comment" link...

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Chris Cluff said...

Hey Dan,

I've been reading regularly. Things are great. Here's one for ya: "Per diems keep agencies alive." This goes together great with your overworked post a few back. Enjoy!