Monday, June 11, 2007

Glad he's not my boss - part 2

This one goes into the category of "if you think your city administration is bad, you could always work in Ridgeley, WV."

While cruising the Internet for something of interest I hit the jackpot.

I saw an article in the online edition of the Cumberland (MD) Times-News about how the fire department ambulance is in its thirtieth year. Call volume continues to increase but the paper reports the FD is handling it well. The chief was one of the original EMTs. Good for them. This is nice--but not mother of all stories for a blogger.

While looking at the related story links I saw an article that reported the police chief and town clerk of Ridgeley, WV were fired by the mayor--who called in from jail! Hard to believe, but true. The mayor, Mitchell Reeves, was arrested for fraud one month after being arrested for driving without a license.

It could always be worse. You could be in the public safety biz in Ridgeley, West Virginia.

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