Monday, May 5, 2008

More on public opinion

I posted some photos last week demonstrating how what we do is in the public eye. People form opinions on us based on our actions both on and off calls--even on and off the job.

An editorial in the Boston Globe demonstrates what happens when public opinion starts to swing in the wrong direction.

While I have great respect for firefighters--and love the City of Boston--it seems a perfect storm is brewing against the Beantown Jakes.

The post-9/11 high opinion of firefighters seems to officially be over. People who make half the salary of these firefighters can't pay for gas, food and home heat. They aren't going to be sympathetic, especially with the volumes of bad press the fire department has received.

It is time for a change. An image makeover. And, yes, some concessions. I am truly sorry to have to say that. Without public support the political clout once possessed by the firefighters is gone.

The tide has turned against Boston's bravest. Its is up to them to do the right things to get it back.

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