Friday, May 30, 2008

Lack of contract is driving Boston firefighters to prostitutes

I love these catchy blog headers. What surprises me is that the Boston Globe didn't use it when publishing this article.

A Boston firefighter was arrested in a prostitution sting in Dorchester, MA. As far as I'm concerned he's no different than any of the other five men arrested in the sting. Unfortunately, the Boston firefighters have been getting hit pretty hard in the press.

In this case, I think the Boston Globe actually used restraint. Check out this quote from the Boston Firefighter's Union President:
Edward Kelly, president of the firefighters union, said he didn't know Herelle but thought the incident could be a sign of stress from the contentious contract dispute between the city and the firefighters.
"I think that the pressures of working without a contract are beginning to manifest in the darndest ways," said Kelly, president of Local 718.

I want to make a few things clear: I am a fan of firefighters. This firefighter certainly deserves his day in court. But what was Edward Kelly thinking when he said this? Will anyone is Boston feel sorry for the firefighter without a contract, standing on the edge--only a prostitute between him and psychosis--when he made almost $100,000 last year?

The days of the indisputable firefighter/hero post-9/11 are over. People are fighting to keep their heads above water and pay the bills. We will all need to work harder to justify our existence.

Especially the Boston firefighters when they make statements like this.

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