Monday, May 19, 2008

EMS under fire

Have you ever sat and watched a news-style lambasting of a hospital for suspected clinical errors and wondered how long it will take for suspected EMS errors to get the same big billing?

Wait no longer.

This video piece from the Fox station in the Cleveland area put local EMS squarely in the sights--and will put a chill in your spine.

The sad part is the only defense that could be offered by the EMS agency is: our care was acceptable...and our documentation was wrong. I felt badly for the department spokesman. It is a good thing the news stations don't know what a code summary is. Be sure the plaintiff's attorney will.

As bad as the piece is, it could've been worse. Those interviewed gave stock answers and tried to give EMS providers the benefit of the doubt. Yet the investigation by the TV station was unusually thorough and appeared to include access to hospital records.

This is sad all around. For the patient, family and EMS providers.

Is this where I should say Happy EMS Week?

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