Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hands-only CPR

The AHA recently issued information on hands-only CPR. It has caused quite a stir in the media...and quite a bit of confusion for instructors.

In short, the changes only affect bystanders and then only in a witnessed adult arrest situation. It doesn't apply to unwitnessed adult arrest, infants or children. Health care providers will still perform CPR as originally taught while on duty, but could arguably fall under the bystander category when off duty.

This link from the American Heart Association explains their intent and contains a downloadable video explaining how these changes affect current courses. It is worth watching.


Ray said...

I think the story made it on the AP wire so every little paper is running this story. Good for the lay people to encourage them to do compression, but confusing for the Professional Rescuers.

Chris said...

Its pretty bad when an instructor sees the update on MSNBC before official word is given to the people who actually have to teach the material! I got an email this afternoon from AHA telling me about the changes and how to "teach the new updates."

Sounds like the right hand isn't talking to the left hand...