Thursday, April 3, 2008

USA Today's article on home defibrillators

USA Today's Bob Davis published a story on the concept of defibrillators in the home. Home defibrillators: Worth the price?

I tried offering a CPR course a few years ago which included a defibrillator. I figured that there would be a certain population that could afford the $1,000 course which included a CPR card for anyone in an immediate family, the prescription, defibrillator, case and supplies. Many of our seniors leave Maine and head to warmer climates for the winter. I thought they may want to also have a defibrilator for the road.

We publicized it but didn't get any takers. A few calls for interest but no one putting their money where their heart was. It did raise awareness in the community and as a result we did get defibrillators placed in a church and one other business in Town.

This article spells it out pretty well from a science, statistical and personal angle. The researchers and statisticians say it isn't worth it. But then again, it isn't their heart.

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