Monday, March 31, 2008

My email to Senator Exum

Senator Exum,

I am a paramedic and former Maryland resident. I am writing to tell you that the comments you made in reference to paramedics and firefighters in The Capital are insulting and inappropriate. In the event you don't recall the comments, I'll copy them here:

"But we aren't even able to talk about it," Mr. Exum said of the intense lobbying pressure. "They (state police and the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services) call all the little people back home, the firefighters and the paramedics, and tell them we are trying to dismantle the system, and they come running." Mr. Exum said.

Maryland has a long tradition of proud service in both firefighting and EMS. The firefighters and emergency medical services personnel, both paid and volunteer, deserve better than to be referred to as "little people back home."

Perhaps these comments come from an over-inflated sense of self worth on your part. In my opinion, most people appreciate their local heroes much more than their politicians. Your behavior simply reinforces that belief.

I recommend an immediate public retraction and apology for your offensive comments.

Daniel Limmer, EMT-P
Kennebunk, Maine

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