Monday, March 17, 2008

Nebraska EMS Association

I just returned from the Nebraska EMS Association conference in Columbus, Nebraska. There I met about 400 of the most enthused EMSers one can find. I would recommend the conference to anyone. I would caution anyone venturing to the conference to be wary, however, of evenings at the bar and annual dinner. They know how to have a good time in Nebraska.

The attendees also know how to learn--even after nights in the bar. It is refreshing to speak to attendees who are eager to learn and stretch their knowledge and practice. I had the good fortune to speak there with Heather Davis and Chris Nolette. It was the first time I met the knowledgeable Dr. Nolette, a Texan who now lives in California. This combination leads to some very funny stories.

I also had the opportunity to ride with Omaha Fire Rescue Medic 21 and Columbus Fire Rescue and was able to observe and photograph quality EMS in action in America's heartland.

A friendly tip 'o the hat to my new friends in Nebraska. I hope to see you again soon.


Anonymous said...

I attended a couple of Dan's sessions at the Nebraska conference. What a great job he did. Come back anytime, people WILL SHOW UP TO LISTEN TO YOU SPEAK. Once again thanks Dan for some great training.

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