Saturday, March 22, 2008

Everyone loses on a call like this

Calls like this cause hearts to sink--for both the family and the EMS providers.

Family: Rescuers Questioned Need To Transport Baby Who Later Died

It is important to note that no details have been disclosed and it is not the intent of this blog post to second guess or make any opinions for or against anyone in the call.

One thing is certain, a family is grieving and an EMS crew is under investigation and will likely have some deep emotions about the call as well. The call does reinforce some other commonly taught themes:

1. Patient refusals are a leading cause of liability in EMS
2. Sometimes patient perceptions are their realities--especially in times of deep stress and emotion
3. Incidents that cause EMS providers stress aren't just bad trauma calls--or even kid calls. Stress comes from bad outcomes regardless of perception of fault. The perceptions and whisperings of colleagues can be very painful in the social microcosm of EMS or fire stations.

I will keep an eye out for updates. My thoughts go out to both the family and the providers in this tragic situation.

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