Thursday, December 18, 2008

How can you tell if your patient is stable?

According to an article in the Canadian Press the ability to send a text message is a sign of stability. Apparently this is used at "packed to the max music concerts" in the UK as a method of determining whether a patient is ready to get back to the concert. From the article:

"The main point is when you've got, mainly at music festivals, a band playing that is very popular amongst teenagers, you have to expect a lot of them to faint, get panic attacks in the crowd, get stressed and want medical attention, when they're otherwise uninjured," Sinclair said Wednesday from a ski holiday in Chamonix, France.

"And when you get inundated with hundreds coming in in an hour, you need some means of getting them out and back to enjoying themselves quickly. And we found the texting sign is very useful for that."

Looking at it, texting shows fine motor function and mentation. Judging by the way younger people text it could also be said they have their sense of purpose back.

I wonder what would happen if we noted a "positive texting sign" on our run report here?

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