Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Emergency personnel should get drugs during pandemics

Reuters reported on a DHHS guidance memorandum advising hospitals and emergency services employers stock up on antiviral drugs for their workers.

Health, emergency staff get drugs 1st in pandemic

It seems Avian flu is the big concern. While according to the article there have only been 390 people infected worldwide--246 of those have died. The big question, and one not to figure out after it is too late: Are we a mutation or two away from trouble?

I am guessing that most employers will take some time to get this plan up and running--and that the antiviral drugs will have a significant cost attached. A quick check at drugstore.com shows a price of about $100 for a ten day supply (prophylactic dose) of the medication.

Has anyone seem preparedness efforts such as this in their agency or area?

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Destress Yourself said...

This has been the first post that I have seen discussing this concern.