Thursday, December 18, 2008

Florida sun charges ambulance batteries

Sunstar ambulance in Florida mounted solar panels on the roof of two ambulances to charge batteries in monitors, stretchers and other devices.

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People looked at Terence Ramotar like he was crazy last spring, he said, when he suggested putting a solar panel on the roof of an ambulance.

The idea is now a reality. On Monday, Sunstar Emergency Medical Services will roll the first of its two solar-powered ambulances into service in what appears to be the first such project in the nation.

The solar panels do not power the vehicle, but rather supply power to recharge the batteries for various life-saving devices.

Whether this will work has yet to be determined. I have certainly seen crazier ideas. But when Sunstar has a full-time person assigned to shuttle batteries out to crews in the field, the $4,000 price tag doesn't seem so crazy--plus a hint of environmental responsibility is always a good thing.

Definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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