Monday, November 10, 2008

It is National Collegiate EMS Week

Congratulations to all those providing EMS on college campuses around the country. The event, sponsored by the National Collegiate EMS Foundation, recognizes the hard work and dedication of campus EMS providers.

The purpose of the foundation (from their Facebook page):

Founded in 1993, NCEMSF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit professional organization committed to scholarship, research and consultancy activities and to creating a safer, healthier environment on college and university campuses. Comprised of approximately 200 college campus based emergency medical service (EMS) agencies trained to respond within minutes and provide care tailored specifically to campus emergencies, NCEMSF's purpose is to support, promote, and advocate EMS on college and university campuses nationwide. In addition to providing for the acquisition of medical knowledge, campus based EMS allows student participants to develop certain life skills including leadership, communication, and decision making. NCEMSF provides a forum for communication and creates an environment where ideas can be exchanged and problems can be solved.

I have a special place in my heart for the college services. When I couldn't take an EMT course because I was too young (many, many years ago) I enrolled in a Red Cross Advanced First Aid course taught by members of the Five Quad Volunteer Ambulance at SUNY Albany. What a dynamic and talented group of college students.

I have no doubt that the passion those students showed toward EMS is one of the reasons I am still here today doing EMS.

Happy National Collegiate EMS Week. Remember all you can do. Know the difference you make. We need a new generation...a future...for EMS. You are that future.

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