Wednesday, November 12, 2008

If you like lights and sirens you'll love this

Make way for the Howler.

EMSA, an EMS service in Oklahoma, held a press conference today to announce they were installing Howler sirens in their ambulances.

According to an Associated Press article:

"The most frequent thing motorists say to us is they didn't see the ambulance coming," Wells said at a Tuesday news conference, where the new technology was demonstrated.

During the demonstration, two ambulances were parked near each other. A plastic stepladder with three glasses of liquid on top was placed in between the vehicles.

The ambulance without the Howler sounded its siren and produced its familiar wail. Then, the Howler, which produced booms that sounded like a 1980s video game played at an earsplitting level. The liquids in the three glasses rippled. Wells jokingly said the new sirens sounded like "a vacuum cleaner on steroids."

The Howler is sold by Whelen whose literature on the product recommend hearing protection.

"a vacuum cleaner on steroids..." I'm guessing that hearing protection is more than just a good idea.

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