Wednesday, August 1, 2007

State of the blog

Things are good at the Emergency Care blog. In July there were 1,391 page views done over 802 visits. Perhaps most importantly, an average of 8 minutes (actually 8:08) was spent on the site.

July was a big month. There was much news to note and issues to discuss ranging from the fire service "white paper" to the funeral of Allan Parsons to the potential for an AMR strike.

By other blog standards things have also gone well. Comments are on the upswing. Samantha did respond (a June post) and said that after she finished nursing school she would stay in EMS--although likely on a part time basis. WyoSkiBum stopped by with a humorous response. The bulk of the messages centered around the photos and comments on Allan Parson's funeral.

I have found that several sites have linked to my blog. Thanks to blueridgemedic and paramedic-network-news for the links. If there are more I haven't caught please let me know.

Thanks for stopping by. Please come back, comment, suggest other stories. I'm looking to make August a big month--but hopefully a safer month for those of us in the EMS business.

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