Monday, August 13, 2007

NAEMT (again)

You may recall that I recently commented that NAEMT was moving in the right direction.

Dan Gerard doesn't seem to be in agreement with this (at least in some regards). His blog gives his reasons for this. I'll let you read those and make your own determination.

I will say that, if true, comments by Ken Bouvier about the numbers of people voting is disruptive and seems to take remove some level of credibility from the process. It is also disturbing that some people received three ballots.

When I ran for president of NAEMSE a few years back several people called me alleging election manipulation at the NAEMSE office. (This is not sour grapes, by the way). It is an example of how organizations can lose credibility--both NAEMSE and NAEMT. And is in fact one difference between a powerful membership organization and a social club for a chosen few.

I have respect for Jerry, Ken and Dan. But it is now time to make this right, NAEMT. Get your records in order, create visible policies that prevent manipulation and walk the walk of the powerful membership organization. Not the social club image you appear to be trying to shed.

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