Monday, May 14, 2007

$2.7 Million Spine Injury Verdict

Injured Jockey Gets $2.7M From Ambulance Company

A jockey with a winning track record received an award of $2.7 million after he claimed ambulance personnel transported him to a track first aid station without immobilization after he was thrown from a horse during a race. The ambulance company disagreed with the verdict.

This is an excellent example of how EMS providers and agencies can get sued--and lose. The stakes are high. For a moment place yourself in the shoes of the providers on this call:

If you were an EMT in a case such as this how important do you think documentation would be when you get to court?

Does your agency have spinal inclusion protocols? Do you follow them closely and document your findings?

It is important to note that there are two sides in every case. I have no direct knowledge of this case and make no assumptions of guilt or innocence. Questions are for educational purpose only.

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