Saturday, February 9, 2008

Living in Maine

I was living in the Maryland - Washington DC area before moving to Maine. People would literally ask, "Can you get the internet up there?" and "Do you have a summer?"

(Yes and yes.)

Stories like this don't help:

Toboggan crash injures 6

Not the multiple casualty incident you'd expect in Florida for sure.

On another note, I'm off to the DC area in the morning for the National EMS Education Standards stakeholder's meeting to see what is up with the new education standards.

If you haven't already seen them you should take a look: National EMS Education Standards.

I experienced the 1994 EMT-B curriculum change. It was quite dramatic. This one, while highly anticipated, is much less controversial than the 1994 changes. Possibly because the drafts have been available right along and also because many instructors have been through the 1994 changes. The trauma and the drama of curriculum change is old hat. The big issue isn't how they will change as much as when they will change.

A question we'd all like to know. Stay tuned...

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Ray said...

Hey Dan,

What time of the year do the Elk turn into Moose?