Thursday, January 3, 2008

So many articles, so little time...

A Florida journalist comments on EMS personnel who didn't enter the water to save two drowning men. The providers followed policy that states they don't go into water without the proper equipment or training. What do you think?
By the book right to the bitter end.

No matter where it happens we always feel sad when one of our own dies. It has been a bad few weeks for medical choppers.
Rest in peace, Allan Bragwell.

And then there are those who are accused of doing things that make us, well, less than proud.
EMS Director arrested for theft.

Although reports vary on exactly how, Man cuts off own arm to free himself from machinery. It appears he may have completed the amputation and walked to the office to call for help. That took some guts and inner strength.

Also in Texas, Firetruck strikes, kills San Antonio woman in wheelchair. When you finish reading the article, go to the right side of the page and click on the comments button. As of this writing there were 21 comments from news readers in the San Antonio area. They are worth perusing to see the varied opinions on the incident and the fire department itself. What do you think your community would say about your agency if a piece of apparatus did a similar thing? Not only did this cause a civilian death but I am sure the firefighters are deeply affected by this event.

Be careful out there.

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Libby G. said...

I saw the article on the woman in the wheelchair the day it happened, and I wondered at the time how long it would be before someone tried to blame the firefighters. What a horrible, tragic, sad thing to happen. Even more sad is how many people assume all fire trucks and apparatus have GPS and that those units would be all-knowing. My heart goes out to the firefighters in the truck, I know this is something that will give them nightmares and cause them to lose many nights' sleep.