Monday, November 19, 2007

And you thought YOU were having a bad day...

At least you're not this crew from Durham Region EMS in Ontario, Canada:

Ever loose your narcs and RSI meds?

Fortunately a citizen turned them in to a pharmacy who called police. Durham Regional EMS was quoted by the Durham Region News saying:

“Our thanks go out to the local resident and the pharmacy for their vigilance in noticing the container and contacting police so quickly,” said Richard Armstrong, the director of Durham Region EMS. “While this is an isolated incident, we continually review our procedures to ensure that proper protocols are in place to help safeguard against such occurrences.”

What else can one really say? I wonder what the conversation was like in the rig?

"Do you have the narcs?"

"I don't have the narcs. I thought you had the narcs."



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